Achieving 100,000 Users on RocketCAD

Dear RocketCAD Community,

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of RocketCAD. I wanted to speak directly to all of the Community Owners that spend time customizing and configuring their RocketCAD for their members to enjoy, so I wrote this post.

I wanted to personally reach out and say thank you. Thank you for trusting us with your communities patrolling experience, it’s a job that we’re honored to have and have would never take for granted. Whether you’re a smaller Bronze plan community with 5 members or a Platinum community with 5,000 members we appreciate your continued loyalty.

RocketCAD started small, and eventually grew as the CAD system used by over 3300 communities and now over 100,000 users worldwide. It is the success of each individual community that fuels the overall success of RocketCAD, without Community Owners we’re unable to operate and generate a great product. The suggestions and bug reports brought forth by our Owners and Users fuels the consistent development and improvements made to RocketCAD.

Whether you’re a user in a RocketCAD Community or a Community Owner, thank you for using RocketCAD and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience better. Read on to learn more about the history, development, stats and future roadmap of RocketCAD.

The Idea

Sitting in an IHOP one May morning in 2018, I got the idea to create a brand new CAD system. Originally, this was only meant to be a limited edition version of a modified Onyx CAD. After some thinking, I wanted to try and change the way CADs were used, particularly our CADs. We gained a large following on the previous Elite and Onyx CAD system but we had to manually set them up and they required a lot of labor to get created. By creating one application and putting everyone on the same system, we could push out system-wide updates and automatically set them up. With this, RocketCAD was born.

Our Progress

On June 15, 2018 – RocketCAD was released to the world, ready for purchase and ready to be used. It didn’t take long for it gain traction and many were intrigued by the idea that they no longer would need to wait for their system to be created manually by a person, but instead could get it instantly.

Now, April 11, 2020 just a few months shy of 2 years later, RocketCAD is now used by over 100,000 users. Going back into the databases, there has been some incredible numbers in different areas around the CAD and I want to share some with you.


There are now over 3300 communities in RocketCAD, meaning that roughly ~5 communities are started everyday on RocketCAD.


There are now over 272,000 vehicles registered in RocketCAD, meaning that roughly ~410 vehicles are registered everyday in RocketCAD.


Well over 93,000 tickets and warnings have been issued in RocketCAD, meaning that a ticket or warning is issued once every 10 minutes in RocketCAD!

Future Roadmap

The future of RocketCAD is bright. We have over 80+ features currently in the queue to be developed, tested and released to everyone. We are currently developing a brand new CAD/MDT system that will re-invent dispatching as we currently know it. We are hoping to bring another large update in May and we will be on the hunt for testers. Stay tuned for information in our Discord.

Free Gift

As a thank you to all of our Community Owners, can you now redeem a free week of RocketCAD through April 15, 2020. For details, see How to Claim Free Week of RocketCAD.