How to Configure the RocketCAD Discord Bot

Welcome to the Official Tutorial on Configuring your brand new Discord Bot. We’re excited to introduce this feature allowing for more mobile users to use RocketCAD.

Inviting the Bot

The first step is to invite the bot to your Discord server. Make sure you are logged into Discord. Simply follow the prompts on your screen that Discord provides.


Once the bot is in your server, begin by typing


This will begin a series of questions for you to answer to properly setup the bot and get it operational! Below is a guide on how to answer these questions.

What is your Community ID?

Here is where you will provide your Community ID. Please keep in mind that this is NOT your abbreviation or invite code. The ID can be fond on the Billing Center, towards the middle of the screen. Please click here, select your community and click “Billing Center” to get your Community ID.

What role would you like to manage the CAD?

This role will be able to whitelist users to both Departments and Subdivisions, right from Discord. This role should already exist and we recommend giving this ability to your Community Staff. Simply @ the role in chat to save.

What Category ID would you like patrols to run in?

This is an optional feature that allows for users to patrol without needing to access their MDT. Keep in mind, Dispatchers will still need to go to the CAD to dispatch. Simply provide the ID of the category you wish for patrol channels to be created under.


We’ve included a helpful list of commands, to view simply type


Special Thanks

A special thank you to Nicholas R. from JCRP for the assistance on the bot.