Claiming Your Free Week of RocketCAD

As a thank you to our loyal Community Owners and Users that have helped us achieve 100,000 users on RocketCAD we are offering one free week to all existing communities through April 15, 2020.

To the entire RocketCAD Community, thank you. We appreciate every user that registers and are here to help with whatever you need. See our Official Thank You post for more information on the history and future roadmap of RocketCAD.

If you are an existing Community Owner, please follow these steps to claim your free week. If you are not yet a Community Owner, you can purchase a community today and still redeem this offer before it expires!

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Achieving 100,000 Users on RocketCAD

Dear RocketCAD Community,

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of RocketCAD. I wanted to speak directly to all of the Community Owners that spend time customizing and configuring their RocketCAD for their members to enjoy, so I wrote this post.

I wanted to personally reach out and say thank you. Thank you for trusting us with your communities patrolling experience, it’s a job that we’re honored to have and have would never take for granted. Whether you’re a smaller Bronze plan community with 5 members or a Platinum community with 5,000 members we appreciate your continued loyalty.

RocketCAD started small, and eventually grew as the CAD system used by over 3300 communities and now over 100,000 users worldwide. It is the success of each individual community that fuels the overall success of RocketCAD, without Community Owners we’re unable to operate and generate a great product. The suggestions and bug reports brought forth by our Owners and Users fuels the consistent development and improvements made to RocketCAD.

Whether you’re a user in a RocketCAD Community or a Community Owner, thank you for using RocketCAD and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience better. Read on to learn more about the history, development, stats and future roadmap of RocketCAD.

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How to Configure the RocketCAD Discord Bot

Welcome to the Official Tutorial on Configuring your brand new Discord Bot. We’re excited to introduce this feature allowing for more mobile users to use RocketCAD.

Inviting the Bot

The first step is to invite the bot to your Discord server. Make sure you are logged into Discord. Simply follow the prompts on your screen that Discord provides.


Once the bot is in your server, begin by typing


This will begin a series of questions for you to answer to properly setup the bot and get it operational! Below is a guide on how to answer these questions.

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